Well, the push by parents and kids to get a college degree is about to cause more problems than you can imagine

Right now, there are some 7 million jobs open and 70% do not require a college degree. they require a SKILL. The push away from trade schools will be tough on America  very soon.. there are a quarter of a million construction jobs open with not enough people to fill them even though they have a college degree. Many of those with degrees are loaded with student loans yet they end up in jobs that do not require a degree. typically clerical ones.

With the destruction of Irma and Harvey skilled workers are headed down to Texas and Florida then what is the rest of the country going to do. It will no doubt drive up wages for those who were not pushed by the elite to get that degree.

Those of you who are working in an office, look around you and see how many people are working clerical jobs or jobs that do not require a degree. Then you have your student loans which many expect the taxpayers to bail you out.

I have been talking about this for years. Obviously, it has gone on deaf ears. So you millenniums better re think sending you children to college unless there is a different plan with a tenacious youngster willing to go for something other than a marketing or business degree as those are a dime a dozen. It better be a very focused high earner type job. Otherwise you better think twice about the degree with loans when there are such high demands for skilled people now and in the future. Not just construction but think out of the box such as Hi-Tech skills.

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Powerful image… www.charlesraysmith.com



Understand the weight of this image. This soldier lost both of his arms. The feeling of a handshake is lost to him.

Trump realized this, and thus, touched his face so he can feel the human connection

This is what I see when I think of Trump’s motives.  He gave up a billionaire lifestyle so he could be insulted, dragged through the mud, and lied about on a daily basis. 

All to save the country and people he loves.

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Magnanimity? Magnanimity is for the losers. It is time for the lefties to show some.

The never Trumpers as Newt Gingrich said are a bunch of cowards and betrayers. Kelly Ayotte was a good Senator and we hate to lose her. She didn’t support Trump and went down no doubt because of it.

The Republicans have shown magnanimity by giving in too many times to the left in the past 8 years. Reach across the aisle?  We have been there and done that. I hope that is what Trump does not do, except to rally the idiot progressives to support his programs. We didn’t elect him to compromise with those clowns who believe in BIG Government.

As far as I am concerned Paul Ryan can cash in his chips. The chairman of the RNC  Reince Priebus is our new hero. He did the right things.

As far as potty mouth for Trump, I have met few who did not have one at some time in their life.

I  always wanted a business woman or man like Trump or Fiorina to be President and not some politician. So now we have one. Carly was my first choice having followed her career but Trump was second then became my first. At times I/we thought he would blow it, but he is smarter obviously than yours truly.

Let us make America Great Again. I want one of those hats.

Ray Smith

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Now come on folks, why is no one on the Left or right is recognizing this woman?


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May we never forget..

The following is a quote from a business friend of mine in his newsletter;

“General Douglas MacArthur once said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” But it shouldn’t have to be that way—certainly not during a soldier’s own lifetime. The sad fact is that most of us probably spend more time thinking about celebrities than we do soldiers. But every time we close our eyes and think; every moment we take to read about, listen to, or even imagine what it was like to serve in the steamy jungles of Vietnam, the hard highlands of Korea, the brutal deserts of Iraq, or the rugged mountains of Afghanistan; every prayer we pray or song we sing … All of it ensures that our veterans will never, ever fade away. So this Veterans Day, let’s all take the time to say “Thank you” any way we can. Maybe it’s through a service project. Maybe it’s leaving a tray of cookies on the doorstep of the veteran down the street. Maybe it’s simply going to the library to check out a book on a conflict we don’t know much about. But whatever we do, let’s all make a commitment to our veterans: that their deeds will never be forgotten. That they will never feel unappreciated. That they never fade away. We wish you—and any veterans in your life—a happy Veterans Day.” Paul Kiker

Thanks Paul

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